In what follows, I will introduce my work and how it is created. On Hard Ground begins the introduction with the disillusionment of the landscape. Then shells, skulls, to other messengers that are suitable for imitative response and from which I structure the remaining series: Form and Linearity, Mordants and Design, and The Aged and Unknown. The unity of which is an elemental one, and depends upon a progression of understanding.
Here among examples are a collection of creatures. Straightforward as their character might be, they elude easy classification, and as such, function within a range of symbolic interpretation.

Conceived in the tradition of the ‘painter-etcher’, these images reference their beauty and grace. Decorative elements emerge from the subject, and it is not my intention to convey mythical meaning. They become symbolically empowered by their own potency.

To summarize, the purpose of working in the medium of printmaking is that it allows a freedom of expression with a curious amount of the unknown. My interest is not in multiple editions but in finding endless possibilities in the technique and to add to the legacy of the ‘fine art’ print. All my prints are independently created, hand printed, and considered an unique image.